What is aircademy?


An enrichment provider which started out in 2020 with just a few people coming together to share their knowledge for aviation & engineering to children (we also welcome anyone interested in aviation). Our dedicated team enjoys all-things aviation & engineering, meeting often for different events and activities. Passion and enthusiasm go hand-in-hand with everything we do.


Our VISION is to guide and inspire the next generation of aviators.

Our MISSION is to strive to give young minds early exposure through a focus on fundamental principles & cultivating an accessible ecosystem of knowledge exchange.

Are you ready to give your child a head-start in aviation & STEM? Look no further than AIRCADEMY.


KU Pao Jung

Curriculum Head / Trainer

Aviation has always been in Pao Jung’s blood. He served an extra year in the Air Force as a pilot trainee after his full-time National Service. He then went on to pursue a Bachelor of Aviation (Management) from the University of New South Wales and graduated with Distinction. During his time in Sydney, he obtained his Australian Commercial Pilot Licence with multi-engine instrument ratings and aerobatics endorsement, and chalked up experience flying people around Sydney on scenic and aerobatics flights. More than an aviator, Pao Jung is also a passionate educator. He was a trainer to both Basic Military Training recruits and Airforce officer cadets. He also spent a gap year working with primary school students in an after-school student care centre and spent some time as an education consultant teaching primary mathematics and science in one of the premier enrichment centres in Singapore. He wants to help the next generation of aviators realise their dreams and achieve their fullest potentials, and he intends to do so by imparting his infectious love for aviation and wealth of knowledge. Growing up, he identified the lack of awareness and mentorship in the aviation sector and it is now his dream to rectify that with Aircademy.

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Jason KOOR

Business Development / Trainer

Jason has always been a proponent for Math, Science and Engineering. Passionate about airports and aeroplanes from a young age, Jason’s endeavours have always aligned with the industry. Jason is a sponsored Cadet Pilot in Singapore, but Covid-19 has put his training on hold. Prior to this, he completed a BEng in Civil Engineering at the National University of Singapore, graduating with Honours (Highest Distinction) & a 2nd major in Management (Finance). His thesis was on airport pavement and runway design for Changi Airport Terminal 5. During his studies, he earned Private Pilot Licenses (PPL) issued by both the Canadian and Singaporean authorities. Jason has always been actively involved in the Sciences. At the primary and secondary level, he won various local robotics and science competitions, and represented Singapore in international robotics competitions. Subsequently, he also provided 5 years of robotics instruction at primary and secondary schools. Besides robotics, he also gave tuition in physics and engineering, helping his students score well in their exams. From the first time he was a passenger onboard a plane, Jason has always had a penchant for aviation, and finds it a shame that there is a lack of mentorship for young aviators. With Aircademy, he strives to create that ecosystem of mentorship and mutual support for the aviators of future generations.


TAN Xin Kai

Drone Specialist / Advisor

Xin Kai works in the UAV industry as a Systems Engineer. He graduated from Imperial College London with a MEng (First Class) in Aerospace Engineering. One of his proudest academic achievements is designing and building a fully-actuated quadrotor for his Final Year Project, which culminated in a paper published in IEEE's Robotics and Automation Letters. His deep interest in aviation and, indeed, in UAVs, began from his robotics experience in secondary school. There, he was introduced to the world of robotics and programming by his seniors and trainers. His teachers were encouraging and devoted, some even staying long after hours to coach him and his friends in competitions. He hopes to nurture a similar environment for aspiring aviators to gain a wonder-filled experience like he did, and in the process impart the scientific intuition that all aviators - engineers, pilots, technicians and the like - should have in order to gain a greater level of appreciation for the industry.


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