Everyone starts off with CORE PHASE as a pre-requisite. 

Thereafter, choose your SPECIALISATION (or why not both?)

Finally, remain in touch forever as our AIRLUMNUS

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Aircademy core classes

Core Classes
(Primary & Secondary)

Build Your Fundamentals

The Core Classes offer the fundamentals of aviation & engineering to the aspiring child. Beyond just knowledge, we focus on the soft-skills required of that of a high-functioning aviator. With 16 hours of contact-time comprising of theory, problem-solving and practical each session.

As much as possible, the MOE mathematics and science syllabus is integrated.

Specialisation Classes
(Drone Engineering)

Build A Drone From Scratch

Ever wondered how a drone takes flight?

This specialisation answers that question from the ground up, quite literally. By combining the constituent structural elements, flight controller, electrical systems etc, a new bird is born!

Also, the regulations governing drone-flying are covered to ensure that every child is a responsible aviator!

Pre-requisite: Core Class

MOE Math & Physics concepts are reinforced in this course.


Specialisation Classes

(General Aviation)

Where Dreams Take Flight

Covid-19 has decimated the aviation industry. The true aviator, however, is resilient enough not falter under direful circumstances.

This specialisation exposes the child to the topics and practical-handling skills required of a conventional pilot (be it military or general aviation).

Apart from knowledge, the non-technical competencies of a pilot are highlighted.

Pre-requisite: Core Class

Strong fundamentals in MOE physics preferred.


Mix, Mingle & Share Your Passion

Some may or may not go on to pursue an education a career in aviation. But for those who do, this platform is for you!

Expose to different elements of the industry, both military and commercial. Return for talks by industry practitioners or gather up for a day flying drones etc!

Those competitive ones may form a team to compete in the local/overseas competitions! (i.e. Singapore Most Amazing Flying Machine Award)


Venture Beyond

Now we're talkin'

Theory training for Recreational/ Private Pilot License issued by Canadian or Australian Authorities.

Link up with reputable flight schools and instructors abroad.

Administrative support for accommodations and visas.

Pre-requisite age: At least 16 before application on an RPL (do the math backwards!)